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    Getting ready for A-Levels

    As a part of our continued effort to support pupils, parents and teachers at this time, we are producing a wealth of free resources for both subscribers and non-subscribers to support students in the transition from KS4 to KS5.

    Our ‘Getting Ready for A-Levels’ resources are made up of a collection of activities aimed at supporting pupils to ‘have a go’ at tasks, learning and skills required for the next key stage.

    All activities can be completed in the home at the pupil’s own pace.

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  • Multitasking-Myth or Fact?

    Today SSFC challenges you to take the multitasking test. Over the year's we have all heard that certain people are better at multi tasking than others. Is it even a real thing? On the video below the challenge is to remember as much as possible about the telephone conversation (without writing anything down) whilst also focussing on the text message that is displayed across the screen- you can write this down as it happens. Good Luck, let us know how you get on.

    Its not too late, apply online today

    Stay safe students

    • Hints and Tips to conquer the Demons

      Today SSFC gives you an insight into a brilliant website called innerdrive.

      Mindsets can be inspired and improved. Everyone can perform better and some can even be the best. That’s where we work.

      We use psychological research to help people achieve their potential in Education, Business and Sport. We specialise in the application of growth mindset, metacognition, the science of learning, memory, brain management and stress management strategies to improve motivation, learning and confidence.

      At SSFC many of these resources are embedded into teaching practice and tutorials to aid students learning. Attached are a couple of posters to aid your distance learning.

      A favour of this brilliant research based website