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    Welcome to Level 2!


    If you don’t achieve the GCSE grades you are were hoping for, don’t despair! The Level 2 Programme at Stockton Sixth Form is just for you! 

    The programme gives you the opportunity to resit your English and maths GCSEs, if you need to, and gain further qualifications at level 2.  

    As well as English and maths, you will have the choice of the following vocational subjects:

    • BTEC First Award in Health and Social Care
    • BTEC First Award in Construction and the Built Environment
    • NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Digital Promotion for Business

    You can also attend the Football Academy whilst studying a Level 2 programme. 

    If you have a grade 4 or above in GCSE English Language, you will have the opportunity to achieve a Level 2 Higher Project Qualification.

    If you have a grade 4 or above in GCSE Maths, you will work towards a NOCN Level 2 Award in Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability.

    You will spend 3 days per week in college (Tuesday – Thursday). 

    Our small class sizes and supportive and encouraging environment will help you to improve your skills and gain the qualifications you need to move on with your life. You will receive focused support to help you improve your confidence and prepare you for next steps, whether that be further study, an apprenticeship or employment.

    Why not spend a year with us, improve your grades and gain the skills and qualifications you need to achieve your goals? See where it takes you!

  • • BTEC First Award in Health and Social Care

    Health & Social Care is a diverse subject which enables you to explore this exciting vocational area. There are so many facets to this subject area and is a great base to start your journey towards a career in health, nursing, childcare, social work, youth work and much more. 

    You will learn about the different stages of peoples development, the six care values which embed health and social care practice, how health and well being are promoted nationally and locally, and the social influences on health and well being.

    In this course you will study 4 units: one exam unit and three teacher assessments which will lead to the qualification BTEC Level 2 Award in Health & Social Care. This is an excellent starting point to which you can continue your studies at level 3 or enter an apprenticeship programme. You will have opportunities to put into practice what you are learning through at least one placement to gain valuable experience which can be added to your CV.

    Below are some tasks to give you a flavour of the course!

  • • BTEC First Award in Construction and the Built Environment

  • • AQA Level 2 Higher Project Qualification

    This course allows you to explore a topic of your choice. There are different types of evidence you can produce and a final report and presentation are key elements of this. The key aspect of this course is that it develops skills in independent learning, planning, time management, research and ongoing reflection.

    We will review different research techniques, many of which you will have developed through your GCSE and BTEC course such as fact gathering through the internet, books and leaflets, surveys, interviews, observations, experiments  and many more. You will decide which types will be most suitable to your topic. You will be given time to plan and carry out your research and guidance on how to write up your findings. Regular review and feedback is an essential element of this to keep you on track. A final presentation will conclude the course.

    Topics explored this year......

    • Subliminal messaging in children's animated films - is this harmful?
    • Do woman have the right to abortion? 
    • Do footballers get paid too much?
    • Mental health and teenagers - is there enough support....and many more!

    Have a go at the task below to give you a flavour of what to expect!

  • • NOCN Level 2 Award in Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability

    If you have already achieved your GCSE Maths at Grade 4 or above, you will take this course. You will gain an additional qualification at level 2 and learn lots of really useful stuff about personal finance which is relevant to your life now and in the future. You will also improve your employability skills by learning more about interviews.

    You will complete a portfolio of evidence to achieve the qualification and will study the following units:

    • Budgeting and Money Management
    • Saving and Borrowing
    • Pay and Payslips
    • Making Financial Decisions
    • Preparing for an Interview
    • Interview Skills

    The course involves lots of interactive activities and visits to banks and other organisations, as well as talks from external speakers.

    Have a look at the documents below for some interactive activities to try.