Topic outline

  • Welcome

    A warm welcome to all of our new Psychology students.  Psychology is the most fascinating subject - it seeks to explain human behaviour.  To study psychology you need to be interested in always asking WHY?human

    Humans are complicated.  Sometimes they function well - they form relationships, have great careers and generally thrive. Other times they don't - relationships breakdown, they fail to thrive or become axe murderers.  This subject seeks to explain why.

    We follow the EDUQAS A Level spec and it is all exam based (no coursework)

    In these pages you will find tasks and activities that you can be doing over the summer which will give you an insight into what studying A'Level Psychology is like.  There are also some links to things you can watch and listen to, which will give you an idea of what psychologists are interested in.   Hopefully they will inspire you to consider psychology as a firm choice for your A' levels.


  • Week 1 - Crash course in Psychology

    A great series on a wide range of topics in psychology.  Worth a watch.  Be warned though -  he does talk fast!

    Image result for crash course in psychology

  • Week 2 - study skills task

    PsychologySuccess in A-Level Psychology will depend upon your ability to tackle, understand, organise and use material such as that in the tasks below. These tasks are designed to ensure that you feel confident about that process and get a sense of the types of skills you will be using when you study A level Psychology

  • Things to watch

    freudPsychology is the study of humans.  Given that human behaviour is largely the focus of everything we watch or listen to - there are a wide range of things we can watch in the name of studying psychology!  Have a watch of some of the suggestions below and share your thoughts in the Discussion Forum.  Or  - add your own recommendation if you find something you have watched of interest. 

    PS: What makes a murderer features Adrian Raine.  We study his research into the brains of murderers and we were honoured to have him visit us in October 2019.

  • Week 3 - TED talk tasks

    TEDTED talks are a fantastic way to learn about psychology.  Have a listen to some of these excellent talks and share your thoughts on the Discussion Forum.

  • Week 4 - British Psychological Society Task

    The BPS oversees all of the research that takes place in this country.  Have a read through these bite-size guides to current research.  We think you will be surprised at the wide range of research that Psychologists undertake. At the time of writing - current research includes: Swear words; How to get over your ex and Covid-19.