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  • Welcome To Media Studies!

    Hello and welcome to Media Studies!

    I think the first question I am often asked is this one: "Can I do Media Studies even if I didn't do it at GCSE?". The answer of course is yes, of course you can!

    Media Studies is a wide ranging, even changing subject. We examine not only the traditional media forms of television, radio and film but also new and emerging media such as social media and gaming.

    The only thing you need to be is curious and willing to join in!

    Have a go at the four little activities on this site and if you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch.

    Hope to see you all soon

    • Week 1: Media Regulation

      One of the key areas we examine in A Level Media Studies is how the media is regulated. Regulation is geared around keeping those who access all different kinds of media protected and also to ensure that standards are maintained. 

      One of the regulators we look at is the BBFC, the British Board of Film Classification. If you've been to the cinema or bought a DVD you'll know what they do: their certificates tell you, the viewer, who the film or TV show you are about to watch is suitable for. They do this through certification: U, PG, 12A, 15 & 18. 

      On the activity below you'll learn a little about the process of classification and also have a go at rating three trailers!

      If you want to learn more, read some of the Board's decisions or have a go at their activities then there is a link provided so you can have a browse of their website.