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  • Welcome

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    Welcome to the Maths Department here at Stockton Sixth Form College.

    If you have landed on this page, then it is possible that you have already decided you want to study A Level Maths or you may be here to find out more information to help you decide. Whatever your situation, feel free to take a look around to see why you should study the 'best' subject there is, and check out some resources and links to get ahead of the game for September.

    You will find tasks to keep you busy for the next 4 weeks, or if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find further information regarding the course and links to the course specification.

    We look forward to welcoming you properly to Stockton in September, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

    Michelle & Terry

    • Week 1 - Test your knowledge

      If you are looking to brush up your maths skills before joining us in September, then see the topic questions below.  The majority are based around GCSE level, so you should not find them too difficult, but they will give you an idea of some of the essential skills we require. Choose a topic and see how you get on.

    • Week 2 - Terry's Maths challenge- Can you work out the answers to the questions?

      Terry has posed a number of real-world problems. Take a look and see if you can solve any of them.

      Question 1



      Answer 1

      Question 2

      Answer 2

      Question 3

      Answer 3

      Question 4

      Answer 4

      Question 5

      Answer 5

      • Week 3 - Problem Solving

        The following problem is an example of those you will be expected to solve if you study A level Maths. It does not require any more knowledge than that which you already have from GCSE, but do you have the skill to link your knowledge of topics together?

        If you think you have worked it out, check your answer here:

        • Week 4 - Extra Revision

          Have you missed some of the curriculum due to lockdown?  Perhaps you are worried your knowledge and skills may not be up to date in September, or maybe you are simply keen to get ahead of the game.  Either way, follow the link and check out the video lessons and try the questions on some familiar topics, all of which will be essential for A level Maths.  Stick to the topics you know, choose from AlgebraCo-ordinate Geometry and Geometry.

        • What is covered in A level Maths?

          All of the content in the A level Mathematics qualification is compulsory and is the same for all examination boards.

          Here at Stockton Sixth Form, we follow the AQA Specification.  For a more detailed look at what you will cover, please see the link below:

        • Career Opportunities

          “Quantitative skills are required in a wide range of occupations and activities, embracing not only the mathematical and physical sciences but also the social sciences, the humanities and the creative arts. Mathematics is now intrinsic to some aspects of the creative arts… and learned societies argue that students across the sciences, social sciences and humanities need significant quantitative skills, and these should be a central component of their education.”     Professor Sir Adrian Smith (Source: Review of Post 16 Maths)