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  • Welcome!

    Welcome new construction students.

    Our construction course at Stockton Sixth Form College is a BTEC Extended Diploma which is the equivalent to 3 A levels. If you have an interest in buildings and are considering a career in the technical side of construction such as becoming an Architect, Town Planner, Civil Engineer, Surveyor or Site manager then this course is perfect for you!

    A key piece of software we use on the course is called SketchUp. Some of you may have used it briefly at school if you have studied DT or Engineering but don't worry if you haven't. In Unit 7 Graphical Detailing, we learn how to use the software to produce a wide range of construction models and drawings including floor plans, elevations and 3D models of buildings. 

    The more experience you have of using the software the better. Therefore I have uploaded links to some really useful SketchUp tutorials below. The first one starts with the basics, if you have used it before and already feel quite confident with the basic tools then feel free to move on to the other tutorials.

    The software is free to download (LINK BELOW), by working through these and getting a head start your already on your way to a distinction in your first unit at college :D

    Enjoy and stay safe

    Any questions you can email me