The course has everything you need to help you understand the function of the media in society nowadays.

There are 3 units, 2 of them examined and the other coursework. Each unit is worth a third of your final marks.

The 2 examined units, 'Media Products, Industries and Audiences' and 'Media Forms and Products in Depth' look at the televison, film, newspaper and magazine industries in depth and via a series of 'set texts.'  Recent examples include music videos by Beyonce and Dizzie Rascal, The Daily Mirror front cover on the day of the US election, the film I Daniel Blake and the game Assassin's Creed.

For the coursework you have 4 options to choose from: Music Marketing, Magazines, Television and Film Marketing.

No prior knowledge or practical ability is required - just an interest in how and why the media works as it does and a willingness to study materials some of which you won't have seen/heard of before.

It's a brilliant subject - and fun too.